Happy Halloween!


It is Halloween and I am at home with no plans to go out tonight. Very sad. However, that is okay… I tend to over do it on drinking and eating bad foods and since I am trying to lose weight… I decided to avoid the temptation. I will be watching all the scary movies tonight though! I love horror movies! I hope everybody else has a fantastic and safe Halloween though!

My website decided to pull a trick on me today instead of a treat. I went to update this, oh about two hours ago, and it wouldn’t let me in. It kept stating that there was an error while establishing a connection and that I couldn’t login! So, being the impatient person that I am, I called the GoDaddy technical support. A very friendly gentleman answered the phone, I gave him my domain name, and he tells me it is working fine for him. I am all ‘what?’ and hit refresh and like magic my website loads. It never fails. As soon as I have a second set of eyes look at something that doesn’t work for me, it magically starts working again and I feel like an idiot.


I think the worst was that the first post that you see when you visit this site is my before and after photos from the It Works Wrap! Oh well. I am proud of my results and that is what this post is really about… to show you the final results after TWO wraps! I lost a total of 7 inches during that time and my before & after is quite amazing. I’m stunned, to be honest. I said that after the first wrap too but I am still just as stunned with the second wrap. So stunned that I ordered two more wraps to do my hip/love handle area… yep. I am highly considering selling this miracle product because of the results that I had. So, no further ado.. here are my final results.


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