Bring It On, 2015!

If anybody remembers, back in April 2014, I signed up for the Weight Loss for Warriors challenge at Lurong Living. I wasn’t able to complete it due to my kidney surgery and I was so upset by that. When Lurong Living’s next challenge came out in the summer, I was unable to participate because I was not a member of a CrossFit gym. Once again, I was very upset. Well, by very upset I mean that I was disappointed that I was unable to complete it. Then, I got an email about the 2015 Lurong Living Resolution Challenge and… I was able to sign up!! They didn’t require you to be a member of a CrossFit gym (though you are ineligible for the prizes if you aren’t affiliated with one) which is okay with me. So, I signed up! Starting January 16th, 2015 I will be participating in this brand new challenge and I am going to kick some major Nena booty during it.


While I am in no way, shape or form, affiliated with Lurong Living.. I do like promoting healthy contests and this challenge is amazing. Seriously. They offer so much support, recipes, contests, workouts, etc. that it is so easy to keep on track. Plus, if you like a friendly competition.. this is the way to go. Why not start your 2015 off the right way with a healthy weight loss challenge? Stick to your new year’s resolution this time around and let them guide you! You can do it! I believe in you.


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