I took a chance…

I admit that over the past, oh, 6 years or more I have fallen for a lot of weight loss gimmicks. Am I gullible? Maybe. I guess I have always wanted to do things the easiest way possible with quick results. I guess you could say that I am impatient. I have tried a lot of the Beachbody workouts/products, SlimFast, HCG diet, Paleo, Keto, Blogilates, 10 day diet, etc. with the hopes of fast results. Now, I will say that out of ALL of those things, Paleo/Keto has been the most effective. I still really love those eating habits and don’t really think they are gimmicks to lose weight because you don’t HAVE to buy anything. I just lumped them into that group to show what I have tried when it comes to weight loss. Yes, I also have done the whole eating healthy and regular exercise thing, which is sort of what paleo/keto is anyway.. right? Right. However, I tried something else thing time. Still working out, still eating relatively healthy (I am human… I mess up sometimes!) but… I wanted to see if this thing works.

What is “that thing” that I tried? The It Works Wrap. I know, I know! I thought it was silly/stupid at first too because honestly, it sounds absurd that a wrap covered in some herbal lotion can cause you to lose weight. Now.. I don’t think it helps lose weight. I think it helps lose inches. It is supposedly not water weight, and since I haven’t lost any weight (I guess I didn’t weigh myself so I cannot say that for sure) I have lost 4 inches in 60 hours. Yep. That is right. 4 inches.



Now results take 72 total hours to complete so I may lose a bit more (72 hrs is 10pm for me) but I’m happy with what I see so far! I bought a second wrap which I will also put on tonight so I can tell you how that goes as well. You are supposed to drink half of your body weight in water… which I haven’t done so this time around, I’m drinking all the water to see if that increases my results. I do not sell this it works wrap so I have no affiliation with the company, It Works, but I wanted to tell you my little review and show you the results. Fantastic!

Update – 10/27/2014

Well, I put on wrap #2 on Saturday night at 10pm CST. I am down one more inch (5 total!) and here is the progress!