Hard to get back on track!

So last time I spoke to everybody, I was recovering from my kidney stone procedure and trying to get back on track after a month of not being able to do much of anything. Sadly, I am still struggling to get on track but that stops now, or at least this weekend. I know, why not NOW?! Because I have to get groceries and I have no Paleo foods really in my kitchen. Hold.. that is a lie. I have chicken breasts, lettuce and steamed broccoli in the freezer…

Anyway, the point to this post is that in Mayish/June, I was doing the Weight Loss For Warriors Challenge that LurongLiving had out. Unfortunately, the last two weeks of the challenge fell on my kidney stone procedure time and I was unable to successfully complete the challenge due to physical restrictions (aka I could not get out of bed outside of waddling slowly to the bathroom) and I was unable to workout (obviously). This really bummed me out because I LOVED the challenge and was so pumped to do it! It motivated me and kept me going! Well… they have a new challenge out and that is the Paleo Challenge. Sadly, I cannot join it because I am not a member of a CrossFit gym (money reasons as well as I’m not quite physically fit enough to do that stuff!)

So, I am going to do something that will take lots of mental strength on my part and that is… I am going to unofficially join that challenge. Yep. I won’t get prizes, I won’t be ranked, I won’t have a fancy profile under their website but that is okay! Why? Because it will give me a time frame and I still have access to the WLFW website so I can get recipes off of there, as well. Anyway, it starts September 15th and I think it is a 6 week challenge. It’s an 8 week challenge… It’s a shame that I can’t officially join it but again, CrossFit is expensive. Like… $110/month expensive. Hopefully next Spring they have the WLFW challenge and I can join that again but until then… unofficial challenge, here I come lol.

I will be posting my process here so this will be my ‘fancy profile’ hehe. Maybe next time, LurongLiving!

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