Hello Day One!

proud_participant Well, I did it. I signed up for the 2015 Lurong Living Summertime Challenge. I was in heavy debate with myself but ugh, why the hell not. This will be my third challenge with Lurong Living so may as well keep going.. right?? However, I am going to be doing my Kayla Itsines‘ workouts with the challenge though I could probably do the evaluation WOD if I wanted to. We shall see.. again.. debating with myself! It is a real struggle sometimes in my head, guys. A real struggle!

Week one of her workouts were pretty good. I realized a few things and that was I hate jumping and I hate pushups which means I really hate burpees. I mostly hate jumping because if I have a headache, I feel like my head is going to explode and there really isn’t many alternatives to all the jumping her workouts consist of!

Today, for example.. I had to do jump lunges, burpees, skip rope, and jump squats. I have a killer migraine that I took medication for so.. yea. I think I will be revisiting the workout tomorrow since I feel like I half assed it today. Sorry, not sorry. I also stayed in bed far longer than I probably would have liked to but again.. migraine. I seriously woke up at 7:30am, groaned, rolled over, grabbed a pillow, shoved it between my head and the wall, took another pillow and covered my face with it, and went back to bed. I woke up at 1pm. If you are wondering, I have Mondays off. Mondays are my Sundays while the world is off at work.. I am not. However, while the world is enjoying their Saturdays.. I am not. The struggle of a Tuesday-Saturday work week!

Next weekend though, I have Friday-Tuesday off! Woo! I am pretty excited though I am a photographer at a wedding on Saturday. Okay, assistant photographer. Still.. going to be at a wedding so I do not work that day… technically. I won’t be able to workout though either so that will suck but what can you do. Hopefully my paleo diet will stay intact on that day! It will be hard but I can do it. You can’t see me, but I totally flexed at that moment!

Before I forget, I was on point with my diet today! I didn’t have a single naughty food today. Proud! Anyway, hope everyone else had a fantastically successful day today!

Deja Vu

Funny how things go around in circles in life, isn’t it?

If you recall, last year at around this time I was diagnosed with a gigantic kidney stone and had to have surgery to remove it. Okay, okay.. I know it isn’t ‘surgery’ but I was put under and things were put inside me so in my mind it is close enough. Anyway, the point I am getting at is that I now have two kidney stones and they both are too large to pass naturally. Fantastic. The pain has been increasingly bad the last few days and I am not a happy camper about it. Plus, I can’t quite go to work because I am one crabby person. Nobody wants to deal with Nena in pain. Trust me.

I also have to assist my sister in a wedding photoshoot in a few weeks time so I cannot have my procedure until after that point. This means that I have to suffer for a bit until that procedure can be done. I can do it! Survive the suffering, I mean!

Now on to less depressing things. I did my Wednesday workout for the Kayla Itsines’ Beach Body Guide and it was NOT any easier. So many push-ups! However, I got it done. I feel like I need to do more though.. but we shall see. So far I haven’t noticed any difference but I was not expecting to since it is only Day 3.

Happy Wednesday, All!!

Hello May…

Ah yes, the world’s worst blogger is posting again.


In all honesty, I am not sure why I am such a terrible blogger. Let me tell you a little story! Once upon a time, I owned a blog and I was a fantastic blogger. I updated it almost every other day with stories, crafts, etc. and I loved it. Then one day, I decided I was tired of my domain name and felt that I could come up with something better. So, I let the domain expire, got a new domain and nope. Tried another name, still nada. The inspiration was gone. Flushed down the toilet. Expired. Since that time, I’ve had a really hard time getting my ‘groove’ back, so to say. Maybe it is because I have a mundane 9-5 type job now instead of college? I dunno!

Anyway, that is really the story of my blogging life and possibly why I have not updated recently. Not to mention the fact that I had the winter blues all winter. I did the Lurong Living 2015 Resolution Challenge but, I admit, I half assed it. I could have worked harder, that is for sure. I didn’t though. Now.. there is a 2015 Summer Challenge and I am in heavy debate if I am going to participate. I believe there is only a few more days left to sign up for it and I haven’t yet. I really want to but being that I am not a CrossFit gym member (I cannot mentally process paying $125/month for a gym membership when I can pay $35/month at a regular gym) I don’t get to participate in the CrossFit WODs and so I feel like a failure on that front. 

w1_mondayHowever, I am doing the Kayla Itsine’s Beachbody Challenge! Now.. I signed up for the Tone It Up challenge as well but I am terrible at working out with workout videos. No joke. I think it is the overly perky ‘you can do it! Only 10 reps more!’ attitude that goes on. What? You mean that is supposed to be motivational? I am sure it is but while I am struggling to finish my 30th burpee and they are still looking pretty/not out of breath, I just want to hurl a brick at my computer/TV. 

Back to the Kaya Itsine’s workout… it is a book that has 12 weeks of workouts in it that target different body parts. The exercise circuits are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and on Tuesday and Thursday you do low impact cardio like speed walking! It is just photos with instructions on how to do the workouts so I don’t have some super fit goddess telling me to keep going while I yell at them for being so damn perky about my slow death.

I am not following her diet guide though and sticking to my Paleo diet so we shall see how that works out for me. I can say that I did Day 1 Monday yesterday (since today is Tuesday) and damn! You are supposed to do each circuit as many times as you can in 7 minutes and then repeat so that you have 4 circuits so the workout only takes 28 minutes (if you survive that long). I think I will enjoy it. I will obviously give updates on here! Disclaimer: I may forget.

On a note that is not fitness related, meet my new blogging buddy.


Isn’t she pretty? I decided that I needed something to help me blog that wasn’t as distracting as a full fledge computer would be and quite portable so that I can take it places. So far, even though I’ve only had her for a day, I like her. She is zippy enough and has a lovely keyboard and HD screen. So, welcome to the family lil Chromebook. Hope we have lots of good times together!

Bring It On, 2015!

If anybody remembers, back in April 2014, I signed up for the Weight Loss for Warriors challenge at Lurong Living. I wasn’t able to complete it due to my kidney surgery and I was so upset by that. When Lurong Living’s next challenge came out in the summer, I was unable to participate because I was not a member of a CrossFit gym. Once again, I was very upset. Well, by very upset I mean that I was disappointed that I was unable to complete it. Then, I got an email about the 2015 Lurong Living Resolution Challenge and… I was able to sign up!! They didn’t require you to be a member of a CrossFit gym (though you are ineligible for the prizes if you aren’t affiliated with one) which is okay with me. So, I signed up! Starting January 16th, 2015 I will be participating in this brand new challenge and I am going to kick some major Nena booty during it.


While I am in no way, shape or form, affiliated with Lurong Living.. I do like promoting healthy contests and this challenge is amazing. Seriously. They offer so much support, recipes, contests, workouts, etc. that it is so easy to keep on track. Plus, if you like a friendly competition.. this is the way to go. Why not start your 2015 off the right way with a healthy weight loss challenge? Stick to your new year’s resolution this time around and let them guide you! You can do it! I believe in you.


Happy Halloween!


It is Halloween and I am at home with no plans to go out tonight. Very sad. However, that is okay… I tend to over do it on drinking and eating bad foods and since I am trying to lose weight… I decided to avoid the temptation. I will be watching all the scary movies tonight though! I love horror movies! I hope everybody else has a fantastic and safe Halloween though!

My website decided to pull a trick on me today instead of a treat. I went to update this, oh about two hours ago, and it wouldn’t let me in. It kept stating that there was an error while establishing a connection and that I couldn’t login! So, being the impatient person that I am, I called the GoDaddy technical support. A very friendly gentleman answered the phone, I gave him my domain name, and he tells me it is working fine for him. I am all ‘what?’ and hit refresh and like magic my website loads. It never fails. As soon as I have a second set of eyes look at something that doesn’t work for me, it magically starts working again and I feel like an idiot.


I think the worst was that the first post that you see when you visit this site is my before and after photos from the It Works Wrap! Oh well. I am proud of my results and that is what this post is really about… to show you the final results after TWO wraps! I lost a total of 7 inches during that time and my before & after is quite amazing. I’m stunned, to be honest. I said that after the first wrap too but I am still just as stunned with the second wrap. So stunned that I ordered two more wraps to do my hip/love handle area… yep. I am highly considering selling this miracle product because of the results that I had. So, no further ado.. here are my final results.